Thursday, January 03, 2008

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

I often have Christians tell me that they are not capable of witnessing and that they aren't comfortable with it. It isn't always a "comfortable" feeling and all of us can do something to carry out the Great Commission. Not everyone will be standing in the streets preaching but something must be done......What if every Christian did just something? I saw this truck the other day:

I really liked the effort but it was certainly not complete. Most people will say they are going to Heaven when you ask them. Sadly, many do not know the Gospel or why they are going to Heaven. They just want to go. Of course everyone wants to go to Heaven. They just don't always want God there. With that said, is this effort at evangelism as effective as it could be?

I thought of a few alternative sayings and I would like to hear your ideas. Remember, the words have to be big enough to be read and you have limited space. Here are some of my ideas:

Are You A Good Person?
Find Out -
Will You Go To Heaven?
Find Out -

These websites are easy to remember and the saying not only will catch the reader's attention but gives them a resource to pursue their curiosity.

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