Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lunch With Three Atheists

When a courageous Christian dropped a handful of Ray Comfort's "The Atheist Test" onto a table in a restaurant in California, it set of a string of events. The local IHOP was where a group of atheists were having their monthly meeting. They then invited Ray to join them for dinner, which he gladly accepted. He decided to take Mark Spence with him (the Dean of the "School of Biblical Evangelism"), but before they went, they obtained permission to film the discussion. While most of the atheists preferred not to be on camera, ten did. The video is now available here. I can’t wait to see it.

While I don’t have it on tape, it wasn’t planned, and there weren’t as many, I had lunch with three atheists a few weeks ago. The setting wasn’t the plush environment of IHOP but rather a small coney shop. As I sat there eating with three co-workers, one of them said in a joking manner: “You know, I’ve been thinking of forming a police officer atheist organization. It would pretty cool. We could schedule meetings but because none of the members would believe in the meetings, no one would show up.”

All three of the proud self-proclaimed atheists looked at me for a comment. I finished the bite of the tasty hot dog and asked him where he was sitting.

“I’m sitting in a coney restaurant”

You are? How did the restaurant get here?

“It was built”

Who built it?

“A builder”

How do you know that?

“What are you talking about”

You didn’t see the builder building it. How do you know there was a builder? Take a look outside. Look at mountains, oceans, rivers and everything out there. Do you really believe that there was not a creator?

He smiled and told me he just didn’t know. I told him (and everyone else listening in the restaurant at this point) that it was easier to believe in God than not believe. It just doesn’t make sense that everything we see just appeared without a God.

I have spoken to all three of the atheists before about the gospel. I have given them books but I got the feeling that our lunch conversation made each of them think about eternity. Lets pray that it does.

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