Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is Your Radio Turned Up?

You always have to be prepared to share the Gospel and when I took my son to baseball practice on Friday I did not have plans to do anything but a little work on my laptop. As I dropped my son off and positioned myself in the car, turning the computer on, Brian approached me.

Brian is in his 30's and is mentally disabled. He is a nice guy and is seen all over town riding his bike and listening to his radio. He has never met a stranger and I have said hi to him a few times over the last several years. This encounter with Brian was different.

Brian approached me at the car and asked me what I was doing. I told Brian that I was doing some work on the computer. Brian said "I want to pray for you while you work." I thanked Brian for his prayers and exited my car. I asked Brian if he prayed often and he said he did. He said he was a Christian and attended a local church.

I asked Brian what it meant to be a Christian and he said it meant that he tries to act good. I asked Brian if he wanted to take a test to see if he was good and with an exciting tone he said he did. Brian admitted to being a liar and an adulterer at heart.

When I started to explain God's judgement, something very interesting started to happen. Brian always has a radio on and when he received the news that there was a place called hell and those judged guilty by God would have to go there, he would turn his radio up louder. He did this over the course of our 20 minute conversation. When I explained the good news of the Gospel, Brian would turn the radio volume back down. Brian was doing externally what many others do internally. We want to ignore the Bible when it talks about judgement and wrath and only pick out the parts we want to hear.

Several minutes into our conversation, another dad there for practice and fellow Christian, Corbin, joined me in speaking with Brian. He quickly noticed Brian's reaction to the law and pending judgement.

It was indeed a blessing to talk to Brian. I have no doubt that despite the challenges he faces, he understood that repentance and trust in Jesus is the only way to salvation and an eternity in Heaven.

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