Monday, March 10, 2008

Packer Country

I am in Green Bay, Wisconsin today speaking on the issue of Police Pursuits. I have been blessed with the opportunity to do a lot of training and writing in the field of pursuits and law enforcement training and once in a while I get invited to speak on the issue. When I became the Director of Ten-Four Ministries I almost gave up these trips to focus more on the ministry but then I quickly learned that this is part of the ministry. The opportunity to meet officers from across the world has been very valuable in an effort to reach lost.

My morning started off very early as I boarded a plane in Tulsa headed for Green Bay, Wisconsin. I sat in seat #1 and was able to have a great conversation with the stewardess, Mahria. She was young, had been out very late the night before and had a great personality. When I bring up matters of eternity, I like to find something in common. This normally doesn't take long and with Mahria it revolved around her addiction to Starbucks.

"Since you like Starbucks so much, you need a lot of money. Look at this million dollar bill. In fact, I will give you two. You keep one and give one to the waitress at Starbucks."

Mahria: "This is great. Thank you very much."

"There is an important Gospel message on the back. It is important for you to read."

Mahria did read it and was very impressed by the tract.

As you can see, it doesn't take long to figure out where you are when you land in Green Bay.

I was told that the weather conditions were mild for this time of year.

I will speak in the morning to a large group of officers about the importance of training and the issue of police pursuits. I will give all of them the chance to know Jesus Christ.

Wherever you are today, God has placed people around you that needs to know Him. Each of us has an incredible opportunity today, tommorrow and every day to speak to those around us about our Savior. I encourage each of you to do so.

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