Monday, September 29, 2008

FIREPROOF: Opening Weekend

We've been keeping you updated on the movie FIREPROOF and the opening weekend was amazing. Playing in just one-third of the theaters than many of the other movies, it made 6.8 Million Dollars and came in 4th place. Ten-Four Ministries had the honor to participate in a viewing and I was given the opportunity to present the Gospel to the crowd afterwards. I can't wait to tell you about the night. Today, I have printed a review from one of our viewers and supporters of Ten-Four Ministries. Thanks Joy for your review:

"I L-O-V-E-D this movie. I know it's cliche but it made me laugh and cry. Honestly, I figured the quality of the production would not be that great but I was pleasantly surprised. Beautiful imagery and shooting. The shots of the woods with the cross were georgeous. This is the only movie that I know of that talks about the true meaning of love--not the romantic type of love--but agape love. I am so glad one of the major themes was about love being an action and not a feeling and how we can't trust our feelings at all times. This is a desperately needed movie concerning fighting for your marriage when we live in a culture where divorce is so rampant.

The most moving scene for me was when Kirk Cameron's character and his dad were in the woods by the cross and he kept saying, "How can I continue to love her (his wife) when she rejects me again and again?" and he looks at his dad and his dad is standing by the cross and it hits him like a freight train that God has been
loving him all these years despite his rejection and apathy. I felt the Holy Spirit moving in the theatre during the whole movie, but during that scene it was so quiet in that movie theater...and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so was amazing.

The acting was is hard to believe that these were not professional actors and that they were all volunteers. I have to admit that a few of the characters did sound a little stiff and like they were reading their lines but overall I thought the acting was good.

Another thing that surprised me was how funny the movie was. I really thought that the jokes would be very "corny" for lack of a better word and not very funny but I thought the movie was hilarious and well-written.

Our church had rented out the Malco in Fort Smith, AR. tonight and I can tell you that people were rolling with laughter throughout most of the movie. Funny stuff.

Another thing I appreciated was how they presented the gospel. It was in a kind and gentle way--not pushy or demanding which is great for when non-believers watch it.

I really feel that many people will be saved as a result of this movie."

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