Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FIREPROOF "Hottest Ticket"

FIREPROOF starts this Friday and we are excited about the opportunities this movie provides to believers and non-believers. We have been hopeful that thousands would see this movie and it would be recognized by a large viewing on opening weekend, which generaly causes many more to see the movie. It appears that FIREPROOF is well on it's way to a great opening weekend. It is currently rated as the hottest pre-sale on Fandango.

Ten-Four Minsitries has spoken about this movie often and it has not been without some criticism. A recent e-mail stated that "Christians need to realize that supporting a movie just because other Christians made it is really lame." It was one of the few things I agreed with in the e-mail. I do not condone supporting anything just because Christians are involved but there is one reason and one reason alone to support FIREPROOF. Because the Gospel is in the movie. There have been other movies that have claimed to be Christian and some that even throw in small elements of a partial Gospel but FIREPROOF is different. Once someone has watched this movie, there will be no doubt as to what God demands of us and what it takes to become a born again believer of Jesus Christ. That alone is why Christians should support this movie.

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