Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FLYWHEEL - Giveaway

I watched a movie last night called FLYWHEEL. It was made in 2002 on a $20,000 budget by Sherwood Baptist Church. The church has now made three films. After FLYWHEEL, they made Facing The Giants and the upcoming film FIREPROOF.

I watched FLYWHEEL not knowing what to expect but I was curious based on the recent movies the Church has made. To say I was inspired by the movie is an understatement. We would like to bless someone with a copy of this movie. Comment on this Blog and we will choose a random reader in a couple of weeks and send you this movie for free.


Barry Bishop said...

I enjoyed "Facing the Giants" and I am excited about "Fireproof" coming out soon.

I am going to give a plug for "Fireproof" just before I preach this Sunday. There are very few movies these days that can be endorsed from the pulpit.

I am sure that "Flywheel" is good too. I hope I win a copy.

Anonymous said...

I soooo would love to see this! We loved Facing the Giants are really excited for Fireproof also...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Travis!

Shawn Dawes said...

I, too, have become intrigued with the films from the creators of FTG. I just found out, through your post, that there is a previous movie to FTG. I was skeptical at first when my wife wanted to watch Facing the Giants--I was afraid that the acting was going to be sub-par, and that the storyline would be full of holes. However, with the budget they had, and the football concept having been done to death in the last several years, they did a wonderful job. I was brought to tears as the plot unfolded, for I have seen and felt the type of transformation that was displayed in the film.
When I heard about Fireproof, I immidiately felt the need to see it. After watching the preview, I realized that this movie hits home with me. My father has been a firefighter for the last twenty five years, and has been having problems in his marriage with my mother over the last few years. I am going to force them to see it, for I know that God will use this film to heal some wounds. Thanks for sharing your thoughts--many people negatively commented on Facing the Giants, mainly due to the "poor" acting. I pride myself on being an advocate for movies such as these--ones that have a lasting, impacting message.

matthew.w.daniels said...

I also enjoyed Facing the Giants and am looking forward to seeing Fireproof next week with my wife. I have only heard of Flywheel, but am interested in seeing it based on what I've seen and heard of the other two movies.

I wonder if it's just coincidence or if there's a reason all their movies start with the letter "F".

elcidband2k00 said...

I have seen the movie Flywheel and I own it. I find that it is a most excellent movie. Far better than many movies that the producers have spent millions of dollars on. The message of the movie is phenomenal. Hard work and perseverance win out over shortcuts and cheating. The only drawback, it is a small one, is that some of the jokes are corney, but it may just be me personally. I will say this though, if a smaller church in Georgia can produce a movie like FTG and FlyWheel, what is keeping others from producing appealing Christian movies. God is amazing! He takes the efforts of people that Hollywood producers and actors laugh at, and allow them to soar above the efforts of those who scorn us for our faith.

Flywheel is just as good, if not better than FTG. I mean, really, if they can make a movie about a used car salesman who goes from putting empty envelopes into the offering plate, to using Christian principles to run his business, what can God not do with them?

Anonymous said...


I would really like to get this movie. I have seen alot of Kirk's films and my favorites are the Left Behind movies.

I like the Cloud Ten movies as well.

"Revelation" and "Apocalyse".

Looking forward to seeing FIREPROOF in a few days.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

We got to see the movie FIreproof last night thanks to Tenfour.
The movie was well done and well worth watching. I hope to see the other movies in the series soon.

Travis Yates said...

Congratulations Christina. You've won a copy of FLYWHEEL. Thanks to everyone for participating.

elcidband2k00 said...

I watched Fireproof Friday when it came out. My wife and I are having a rather good year, actually good year number 7, but my sister-in-law and her husband are not. My wife and I paid for them to go to the movie. The movie sparked a very encouraging conversation between my brother-in-law and I. He did not say anything about the struggles that he and his wife are having, but he did make a comment that he did not have a father that tried to lead him to Christ in his youth. I told him some of my life's story, in particular that I was brought to church, but that my father for many years left and then picked us up when church was over. I do need to tell my wife that she needs to watch and listen to people prior to barging in to a conversation since she ruined a good ministry moment, but I feel that I will have another chance to continue the conversation. I can feel and see God moving him the right direction, and he seemed to pay rapt attention to the movie. I will just have to see how this movie has impacted his life.

I do not know how old these postings are, but today is 10/2/08