Thursday, September 24, 2009

AOG Project: Updated Testimonies

We are continually blessed each day by testimonies of those that need ballistic vests and have donated vests. Here are a few e-mails that we received over the last week:

"I received my vest on Wednesday afternoon.  My wife quickly called me and sounded like we have won the lottery.  She was very happy and stated the vest looked brand new.  As I arrived home I could not believe how in good shape the vest was.  I want to thank you very much for the vest.  It fits perfect and I feel more at ease.  I strongly believe in the word of god and signs and every morning when I put my vest on I say a prayer and kiss my family goodbye.  Once again thank you so much god bless you-"

"I have worked at the jail for 3 years now and have been a reserve deputy since May and was riding along on my off days before that. I love my job and would love to know I am safer while doing this dangerous job. I appreciate your ministry and what you do for my fellow officers. Thanks again!"

"We are a small rural agency, with a population of approximately 1900. Approximately 4 months ago we lost 33 percent of our revenue to our one and only grocery store being destroyed by fire. We have 5 full time officers including the Chief of Police."

"I am interested in trying to get a vest. I think this program is awesome. I didn't have and couldn't afford a vest. I would feel very blessed if I was able to get one. Thanks for your help. "

"I am a reserve officer who volunteers and is out of paid work. Even though I have medical problems with my legs that causes pain I am able to give 20+ free hours to this struggling community ever month. I drive 94 miles round trip each time I go in. I spent my last saving to pay for my duty equipment but I have no money for a ballistic vest. I was a certified police officer 18 years ago and after 5 years I went into the insurance industry. Even though I am 50, since I was laid off from my insurance job in 2007 I sat around thinking about my foot pain. I prayed I would feel better, but my prayer was answered by volunteering as a police officer again to help the community and take my mind off the pain. I really could use a nice thin vest. That is my prayer."

Please consider helping our efforts either through prayer or financially. You can read additional testimonies here.

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