Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sand Springs P.D. Joins the Armor of God Project

I had the privilege to personally give out a ballistic vest at the Sand Springs (OK) Police Department today. The Sand Springs Police Department recently announced they are joining us in our efforts to give a vest, free of charge, to any sworn officer that needs one. Porter Police Officer James Renfro received the vest along with several resources that present him with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We would like to thank Sand Springs Police Chief Daniel Bradley for hosting the Armor of God Project.

You can read the statement I gave to the media below.

Statement given on September 1, 2009 at the Sand Springs Police Department.

I would like to first thank the Sand Springs Police Department for hosting us today and I will explain in detail a little later why we are here.

I would like to specifically recognize Sand Springs Police Chief Daniel Bradley and Sand Springs Assistant Chief Mike Carter. Thank you all for being here today.

We are gathered here today to give out yet another bullet proof vest.

Before we do that, let me briefly give you the background on this important project known as the Armor of God Project. In August of last year, Muscle Shoals (Alabama) Police Lieutenant Clint Reck was asked to send used ballistic vests to the Philippine National Police. He was made aware that their patrol officers were not issued vests. Lt. Reck sent 24 used vests from his agency and those vests were given to officers serving with the Philippine National Police.

Within a few days after receiving the vests, a Philippine National Police Inspector attempted to make a traffic stop and a short pursuit ensued. When the suspect exited his vehicle, he pointed a gun to the chest of Inspector Ricardo Dalmacia and shot him. The vest from Alabama, saved his life. We have since met Inspector Dalmacia and have documented a detailed interview on our website about the incident.

What was intended to be a one-time donation, was changed the day that one life was saved. We officially launched The Armor of God Project under the Ministry of Ten-Four Ministries located right here in this community. Ten-Four Ministries is a non-profit 501c3 Organization which has existed since 2002 to provide practical and spiritual support to the law enforcement community.

Since April 2009, we have donated 129 vests to officers in America, 237 to officers in the Philippines and 25 to officers in Guatemala.

I am also pleased to announce that just last week, another life was saved by a vest this Project has given out. While attempting to arrest a kidnapping suspect, Philippine Officer Gilbert Camaclang was shot and the vest he was wearing saved his life. To date, 391 vests have been given out and 2 lives have been saved.

The premise is simple. There are many agencies that are given vests every 5 years and after those 5 years, the agency replaces the vests. Many of these used vests are still in very good condition and it our desire to place these used vests on the backs of Police Officers across the world that do not have vests.

All of this is done free of charge and through the generosity of individual donors, we are able to ship vests from donating agencies to our warehouse, refurbish those vests and send those vests to any sworn Officer that is in need.

We are here for two reasons today.

We are pleased to announce that the Sand Springs Police Department has come along side us and agreed to donate their vests to us on a yearly basis. They join agencies in over 10 states such as Rochester (New York), Mobile (Alabama) and the West Virginia State Police to make this Project possible.

We also come here today to give out a vest to Porter Police Officer James Renfro.

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