Sunday, September 20, 2009

Armor of God Project & Guatemala

The Armor of God Project is now in four countries including the United States, Philippines, Guatemala and soon Costa Rica.

We have had several countries inquire about vests but we only send vests if several factors are guaranteed with personal contacts within the country to receive the shipping, the confirmation that the vests will be given to sworn officers and the Gospel will be presented to the officers that receive the vests.

Recently, the Colbert/Lauderdale County Alabama Baptist Association sponsored a mission trip to Guatemala and they took 24 vests with them.

A member of the Alabama Baptist Association speaks with Guatemala Officers.

Four Guatemala Officers that received Ballistic Vests professed faith in Jesus Christ. You can see them here with their Bibles.

The Guatemala Officers are seen here wearing their vests and holding their newly issued Bibles.

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