Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Way of the Master Radio (04-03-07)

Today was a day of extremes. My conversation during the first hour of the Way of the Master Radio show went very well, with the two young men with whom I spoke appearing to be humbled by the Law and open to the gospel. My conversation during the second hour of the show, however, was an exercise in intellectual calisthenics, with two young ladies who were anything but humbled by the Law.

Terrance talked to Kirk Cameron during the first hour of the show. The above photo shows the back of Terrance's T-shirt. Terrance was a 16-year-old who was visiting his friend Matt, during "spring break." Terrance presently lives in Nevada. Terrance and Matt were personable young men.

Once Terrance got off the phone with Kirk, we talked about the conversation. I told Matt that Kirk took Terrance through the "Good Person Test." I asked Matt if he would like to give it a shot. This gave me the opportunity to present the Law and the gospel with Matt; and it gave Terrance an opportunity to hear it again.

Both young men understood the Law and the gospel and they seemed to appreciate the conversation. Considering Terrance's shirt, I gave both Terrance and Matt a copy of You Have The Right To Remain Silent.

As we parted company, I asked Terrance and Matt to carefully consider what they heard today.

If you would like to listen to my conversation with Terrance and Matt, click here.

Jackie took the phone during the second-hour "street fishing" segment. She was with a friend whose name I never learned. It was clear that her conversation with Todd did not go well. The first thing she said when she got off the phone was, "Christianity is false!"

What followed was a half-hour conversation with Jackie and her friend that was adversarial from start to finish. The conversation never turned hostile, but neither of the ladies would budge from their self-righteous, unbiblical positions.

This was a typical circular, quasi-intellectual conversation. Each time I answered one of the ladies' objections, they simply ignored at and moved on to their next objection. We discussed a myriad of topics: "The Big Bang," evolution, creation, other religions, the Bible, and lesbianism--just to name a few.

I tried to end the conversation more than once, but the ladies always seem to have "one more thing to say." While navigating the intellectual mine fields, I was able to present the Law and the gospel to these two confused, lost young ladies.

If you would like to listen to my conversation with Jackie and her friend, click here. (Warning: Jackie's friend uses an expletive during our conversation.)

Another good day of fishing. Please pray for Terrance, Matt, Jackie, and her friend.

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