Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hollywood Boulevard Outreach

Pictured above are members of the team that participated in an outreach, on Hollywood Boulevard, Saturday afternoon. Brothers and sisters in Christ, from nine different churches, from Frazier Park to San Diego, sharing the common bond of a love for Jesus Christ, a love for lost souls, and a commitment to the biblical proclamation of the Law and the gospel, worked together to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to hundreds of people.

Some of the highlights of the day included Anthony (a high school senior) and Chris open-air preaching. Anthony has preached open-air, on his public high school campus. Saturday marked the first time Chris had every open-air preached. Both did a great. Leon, who leads a San Diego based ministry called The Evangelism Team, closed the day with a very good open-air session. When I wasn't preaching or engaging people in conversation, it was a great blessing to watch members of the team distributing tracts and sharing the gospel with people on the boulevard.

I open-air preached three or four times, and talked to dozens of people in one-to-one and small group conversations. The Lord allowed me to share the gospel with two, young marines on liberty and people from several different walks of life.

You can listen to some of the conversations, at the following links:

And here are some photos from the day's evangelism.

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