Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Way of the Master Radio (04-10-07)

Our guests for today's show were Joelle and Justin. Joelle was first up. She seemed to be a very nice lady. She works for Princess Cruises. She considers herself to be a good person and she believes that people will either go to heaven or hell. Interestingly, Joelle shared with me that both her father and her boyfriend profess to be atheists.

As I do every week, I prayed for Joelle as Ray Comfort took her through the Law and the gospel. She let out the typical nervous chuckle as she admitted to breaking God's Law. But her demeanor changed a bit as Ray talked about judgment and hell. Her eyes became watery and a look of concern formed on her face. I could tell she was taking the conversation seriously. Praise God for His Word!

I only had a few brief moments with Joelle, following her conversation with Ray. She needed to rush off to get her lunch, before heading back to work. She agreed to read the copy of How To Live Forever Without Being Religious I gave her. Pray that Joelle will come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Justin (our 2nd-hour guest), by contrast, did not take his conversation with Ray seriously. He didn't really believe he would come back someday as a squirrel. He just wanted to be goofy on the radio.

There were a couple of times, during his conversation with Ray, that Justin looked at me and whispered, "He's preaching to me."

"Then pay attention!" I said.

Once Justin was off the phone, I took the opportunity to take his friend, Denise, through the "Good Person Test," the Law, and the gospel.

When I asked Denise if she knew that looking at someone lustfully is the same as committing adultery with that person in her heart. She didn't believe me. So, I pulled my New Testament out of my back pocket, opened it to Matthew 5:27-28, and asked Denise to read the passage aloud. It was great to see her eyes open wide as she read the Word of God.

Prior to going on-air, I learned that Justin had been beaten up a couple of nights ago, at a party. If you look at the above picture, you will notice a long scratch on his right cheek and a bandage across the bridge of his nose. According to Justin, twenty-five guys beat him up when he tried to defend Denise's honor. Based on my training and experience handling party brawls, let's just say I think Justin was embellishing a bit.

As you will hear in the audio of my conversation with Justin and Denise, I used the fact that he might not survive the next party brawl to express the urgency of their spiritual condition. By the end of the conversation, Justin was a bit more quiet and reflective. I still don't know if he was at all humbled by the Law, but Denise appeared to be. As you pray for Joelle, please pray for Justin and Denise to come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Another good day of fishing!

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