Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Take Up The Shield Project

Take Up The Shield (Genesis Publishing Group, 2005) has been commended by Evangelists Ray Comfort and Bill Fay.

"If more Christians had a zeal for the lost and a passion for God that Tony possesses, we would have revival. I not only admire him as a man of God, but I am honored to call him a friend. His helpful book will encourage many to "take up the shield of faith." ~ Ray Comfort

"I read Take Up the Shield in one sitting. It's solid biblically, has great personal stories, and is a must-read for anyone in law enforcement or for people who want to understand that they also put on a 'uniform' every day." ~ Bill Fay

The goal of the Take Up The Shield Project is to put this book into the hands of every police officer in the United States, and beyond. The hope is that the book will be an encouragement to Christian officers and a means for putting the gospel into the hands of non-Christian officers.

The Take Up The Shield Project is led by Captain Travis Yates (Tulsa PD). Travis has put together a volunteer team of officers, chaplains, and pastors. In the last two months, the team has put the book into the hands of approximately 2,000 Oklahoma officers.

The project is going beyond Oklahoma's borders and reaching officers in California, Arkansas, Alabama--with churches and departments in other states expressing interest in bringing the book to their officers. Churches in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, New York, Michigan, North Carolina, Washington, Colorado, and Ontario (CAN) have presented the book to officers as gifts, during Officer Appreciation Services. Law enforcement fellowships around the country have used the book as a Bible study.

The Chaplain Corps for the Porterville Police Department (pictured to the right) has come up with a great idea for distributing the book to new officers. During the department's academy graduation ceremony, the Chief of Police presents each graduate with their uniform badge. The Officers Association presents each graduate with their flat badge. Beginning with the next graduating class, the chaplains will present each graduate with a copy of Take Up The Shield.

Help us bring the Take Up The Shield Project to your area. Join the team as a volunteer. Or you can make a tax-deductible donation to the cause.

With your help, we will reach the mission field that is the law enforcement community, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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