Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are You Saved? A Historical Message

I do what I can to not post sermons every day here on the blog. I realize that not everyone can sit by the computer and listen to an entire sermon but the fact is, I have had the privilege of hearing a few sermons lately that everyone really needs to hear. Earlier in the month I shared with you Paul Washer's Ten Indictments and I labeled it a historical message that needed to be heard.

I do not recommend sermons lightly and I certainly do not say they are historic lightly. Well, this morning I listened in person to a message that was historic and powerful. In fact, you could have heard a pin drop at certain times in the service and tears were being shed as the Holy Spirit convicted sinners. I cannot recall being present for any other sermon like it. Let me introduce you to Pastor Robert Haling's message titled "Are You Saved." In addition to what a true Christian is, Pastor Haling discusses the faults that our pulpits are responsible for, the problem with the emotional alter call, sinners prayer and many other church traditions that have dismissed the truth of the Gospel. If you don't have time to listen online, e-mail me with your address and we will send you a copy on CD.

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