Wednesday, November 05, 2008

John MacArthur: Sermon Library Free

One of the greatest preachers of our day is no doubt Pastor John MacArthur. His sermons have been an incredible blessing to my family. I have had the honor of attending his church a few times and have briefly spoke to him. So with that said, I jumped at the opportunity to watch a live webinar with him a few weeks ago. As a viewer I had the chance to ask him a question which I did. The Masters Seminary is one of the most highly regarded schools in the world. John MacArthur is the president so my question was this: "When will the Master's Seminary offer online courses?" So as I heard my question asked I was thrilled. Then the answer from Pastor MacArthur came.

"Ha, Ha, Ha." Yes, he laughed and started talking about another issue so technically the question wasn't answered. Or was it? Pastor MacArthur does not use a computer and to this day handwrites his sermon notes and books.

Despite my hopes being dashed, I did find out some excellent news. Pastor MacArthur announced that on November 5th all of his sermons would be available for free online. While you could purchase his 3000+ sermon library for $5 each, they would now be free. As promised, here they are:

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pastorbrianculver said...

thank you for posting this. I agree, John MacArthur is an excellent preacher of God's Word!