Monday, November 03, 2008

November 4, 2008

Yes, the day is here. The 2008 election and specifically the Presidential Election. I will not labor the various points that have already been written in papers or on Blogs but there is one thing I feel is important. When did Christians start thinking that who we vote for has nothing to do with their faith?

Seriously, when did that begin? As I was discussing Christianity and how it relates to who we should vote for, a co-worker came out of their office and said, "Travis, most people think we should separate politics and religion." I am afraid he is right. I am afraid that many Christians will go to the polls on November 4th and leave their faith in the car.

To a true disciple of Jesus Christ, being a Christian isn't a thing to do. It isn't what I do on Sunday. It isn't just "a part" of who I am. Being a follower of Jesus Christ is everything. In EVERY aspect of one's life, Christianity will dictate what is done.

So with that said, can a follower of Jesus Christ vote for someone that advocates the killing of babies? I suppose they can but I am certain of how God feels about it. Personally, I can't understand it. How could a Christian do it? There will likely be some that do it and there will be some that can do it with ease that think they are followers of Christ. The issue is likely much larger than Christians leaving their faith in the car to go vote. There may not be a faith to leave.

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