Wednesday, November 05, 2008

November 5th: Do Not Be Discouraged

I spent most of the day hearing from Christians & Conservatives who are sickened & depressed over the victory of Obama. I must admit that before I became a Christian, I spent a lot of energy on politics but my faith was in the wrong place. Men, both Republican and Democratic are sure to dissapoint. We need to point to the Cross and know that God is in complete control. What happened on November 4th, happened because God let it happen.

Some have asked how Obama could be a Christian and believe what he believes. While it is not my place to know Obama's heart, we should not assume that he knows Christ. Anyone that has heard the infamous Jeremiah Wright preach could never assume that Obama has ever heard the Gospel or even knows it. No one can look at Obama's views, especially on the issue of abortion and opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, and assume he is Born Again. As he stood in front of 500,000 citizens last night, after being elected to the most powerful position in the world, he never once acknowledged the God that placed him in that position.

So as we move towards an Obama Presidency what should we do? We should pray for him and pray hard. We should pray that he will lead this Country in a way that pleases God and that he becomes a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ.

Yes, from what we know it sounds like a dream and it sounds like an impossibility but the Power of God is real and Jesus Christ has saved men from the bounds of hell that in the eyes of this world were much worse than Obama. Pray hard. This country & Obama need it.

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