Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ambassadors' Academy - Day 2 Continued

Day 2 of the Ambassadors' Academy ended with a trip to Long Beach along with some great preaching.

The picture above depicts Leon Brown (Evangelism open-air preaching to a group of kids going to their prom. It was an amazing display of boldness for Christ. Just as we arrived, a member of our team told Leon that a large group of kids were gathering. I walked with Leon towards the group and without hesitation he jumped on up and started preaching the Law & Gospel. Many of the kids started to yell at Leon but after a few minutes they listened and I could clearly see many of the kids listening very intently at Leon's message. Leon received applause when he concluded his presentation of the Gospel. Leon was a great inspiration to everyone.

I was especially proud of my wife during the academy. Prior to this day, she had never passed out a tract and on Day 2 of the Ambassadors' Academy she not only passed out numerous tracts but she preached in the open-air and above she is conducting her first one-to-one witnessing encounter.

There is still a day left and the blessings would continue to pour upon us.....


For The People said...

Some how I missed you yeaterday. Great Post!

Hey freind,

Stop by my blog early. I started something new

TheBronze said...

Travis, congratulations on the Trainer of the Year Award.

God Bless.

Travis Yates said...

Thank you. It's a humbling experience to be involved in something like that and until yesterday when the magazine came out I wasn't really talking about it. I really appreciate your comments.