Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday Night Evangelism - Continued

I previously wrote about the incredible encounter with a group of gang members but as awesome as that was, it was not the highlight of the night. Sadly, I have rarely ran into professing Christians that appeared to bearing fruit on our evangelism encounters but tonight was different. It was very different.

The first group we talked to (above) had graduated from a Christian University, and enjoyed speaking with us about our evangelism efforts. It was great fellowship as we discussed various aspects of Christianity and just to be safe we preached the Law & the Gospel to them. It was a great encounter.

As we left them, I actually told Jason how unique it is to find professing Christians that are encouraging of our efforts and maybe this night was meant to be an encouragement to us or others. Wow, was it ever.

The two girls above passed us going the opposite direction and I stopped them and offered them money if they could pass our test. Their first answer was that they were bad but the Blood of Jesus Christ had set them free. We spoke to both of them for a while and once again they encouraged us to continue our efforts. We parted ways both going in the opposite direction.

As we completed our encounter with the gang members, I looked up to see both of the girls again. They had decided to follow us. I asked them what they were doing and they said "we want to see you witness." They then told us about a skate park a few blocks up. We gave them some tracts and told them if they were coming, they were going to help. With excitement they followed. As we approached the skate park, both girls told us they were from Michigan and were attending a Bible College in town. While they had witnessed to friends, they had never witnessed to strangers. That was about to change.

Jason and I jumped in the skate park and we told both girls to follow and listen to our first encounter. That encounter was Matt (above). Matt was humbled by the Law and admitted that going to Hell concerned him. We spoke for 20 minutes about the Gospel and his life. It was a wonderful encounter and one we were all blessed to have.

What I then turned around to see was a blessing beyond words can tell you. Two girls, who had never witnessed to a stranger were both in one-to-one encounters (above). We continued to witnhess at the skate park for some time and even found a graduate of the Way of the Master Basic Course. He told us that he comes to the park to ride with his friends but deep down he knew that wasn't God's will for him out there. He told us we had encouraged him to start witnessing again and we exchanged numbers to go out together.

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