Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ambassadors' Academy - Day 3

Day 3 of the Academy started like day 2. We met as a group and prayed for about 30 minutes and then got on a bus. We headed out to Huntington Beach and while everyone looked tired from the past 48 hours, there was much less apprehension on the face of the participants. Excitement was in the air and Tony "The Lawman" Miano kicked us off from the hotel with a thundering voice: "Lets Go Fishing!"

I had to go to California to meet a great Godly couple from Grove, Oklahoma (1 hour from me). They were both great in witnessing encounters. One of the incredible blessings of being at the Academy is to look around at any time and see scenes like the one above. Christians in every direction sharing their faith with others. This should be the scene in every town and city. Unfortunately it is not and like Living Waters often says: "We are trying to put ourselves out of a job". They one day hope that there would not be a need for the ministry because every Christian would be sharing the Law & Gospel with those that are perishing.

We had the privilege on this day to watch Ray Comfort Open-Air preach. It was incredible to watch as he engaged the crowd with humor and love while sharing the Law & Gospel over and over.

From the time we arrived at Huntington Beach at 10:00 am to the time we left at 4:00 pm, I watched as several people from the crowd followed us around. Many of them brought lawn chairs just to listen to the Gospel. To the Christian, the message never gets old. If you repent and turn away from your sins and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation you will be saved and Heaven will await you. If you choose not to do this and continue enjoying sin, the torment of hell awaits. We are saved by Grace and the choice is ours to make. Those that have truly made the choice to repent of their sin and trust in Jesus Christ love this message.

To others, this message is offensive. The message that there is only one way to Heaven - through Jesus Christ - and you must give everything up for Jesus....That includes sin.

I heard many comments from Hecklers this week that included statements such as: "There is no hell" - "God is love" - "God would never send people to hell".

Obviously there is a hell. Jesus himself spoke about it many times and while God is love he also is a holy and righteous God and sin must be punished. God does love and he sent his only Son to die a brutal death on the Cross for us. The gift of eternal life is free but we must take action to receive it. Unfortunately, many professing Christians have blinded themselves to the Bible and made up a False God to suit their lifestyle. While it would be a wonderful life to be a Christian, know you are going to Heaven and continue to live in any way you want, that is just not the truth. That is why the message of the Law & Gospel is offensive to the unbelievers and even those that claim to believe. They don't want to hear about a God that demands everything from them - including their sin.

The day was not over. Tune in later for what was to happen next.

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