Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movie Theater Witnessing

I joined Jason and Jeremy at the movie theater this weekend to witness and I was thrilled to see a couple of police officers working security there. I knew one officer and suspected he was lost so I was hoping God would permit a witnessing encounter. He did in an incredible way.

I stood at the movie line and began to get a crowd by offering $1 for every trivia question the crowd got right. Those that didn't have any interest in staying, I gave them a tract as they walked into the theater. As the crowd was forming and I was about to preach the Gospel, the movie manager came outside. T.J. told me that I couldn't solicit outside the movie theater.

"I'm not soliciting."

T.J. - "Well you can't hand things out."

"Ok, I won't."

T.J. - "Well, you can only stand here if you are a paying customer."

"No problem T.J., I'll buy a movie ticket."

T.J. - "Well why would you do that."

By this time, two police officers joined our conversation and I politely told T.J. that I didn't want to cause any problems and I would gladly move to public property about 75 feet away.

I then asked T.J. (in front of the officers) where he thought he would go if he died. He proudly told me he would come to my house and he and the officer laughed. I then asked him if he was a good person and as I took him through the Good Person Test and told him the Gospel, T.J. got a very different expression on his face. When I concluded, I told T.J. that he had banned me from handing out items but would he permit me to give him something.

This once proud man humbly told me that I could and I gave him a tract and asked him to please consider what I had told him. Many people in the crowd and the officers heard our encounter. The officers were given a million dollar bill and I headed to public property.


For The People said...

Cool Post

Way of the Pastor said...

"As bold as lions..." What an ecouraging encounter. Reminds me that our battle is not with flesh and blood!

Way of the Pastor,
Joe Drew