Saturday, June 21, 2008

Open Air At A Smoke Shop

What can I say. I'm in Oklahoma so it's sometimes hard to find a crowd. There is always one place where you can guarantee people in Oklahoma and that is at the Smoke Shop. In the summer, you find a number of cars with windows down, motorcycles, etc. with no place to go as they are in line for smokes.

So that is how it started: "Hi folks, I want to thank you for listening to me and what I am about to talk to you about is rarely thought about. In fact, most people spend more time thinking about their retirement or where to get a cigarette than they do about where they will spend eternity. How about you? Do you think about where you will go when you die. The Bible tells us that it is appointed for man to die and then there is judgement. God will judge us based on his Law so how will you do on that day?

Have you ever told a lie? If you have, that makes you a liar.
Have you ever stolen anything? If so, it makes you a thief.
Have you ever committed adultery? Jesus said that if you look at someone with lust you have committed adultery in your heart.

I'll stop there. I'll admit that I am guilty of all those and the Bible tells us that you are guilty as well. When you stand before God on Judgement day, you will be guilty and the sentence is hell.

That is bad news but there is good news. God does not want that to happen and over 2000 years ago he sent his only Son, Jesus Christ to Earth and he lived a sinless, perfect life and he was murdered on a cross. He died for our sins and he rose three days later. What a wonderful gift that was to you but it takes more than that.

We must repent of our sins, turn away from our sins and trust our life completely to Jesus Christ alone to save us. Please consider what i have told you today. It takes more than knowing about Jesus. It takes repentance of sins and trusting everything to Jesus. Thank you so much for your time."

Jason (above)did Open-Air for the first time in his home town. He did a great job as did Jeremy (below).

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