Friday, July 11, 2008

A Look At Open-Air Preaching

The subject of Open-Air Preaching is a controversial topic for many. I must admit that years ago the idea and thought of it confused me. We often think bad about things we know nothing about. The fact is that Open-Air Preaching can be a very effective method to reach the lost. By doing it, you are following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, Peter, the Disciples, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon and many other great preachers. A good Open-Air Preacher has the opportunity to reach more un-saved people in one day than a church may in an entire year.

I have done this several times and there are many things that one must consider. While the location and setting are important, the tone of the speaker is crucial. An Open-Air Preacher must come across with a soft, loving tone. If you are unable to use amplification and you have to speak loudly your tone becomes even more critical.

Bill is a great brother in Christ and is passionate about reaching the lost. Let me encourage you to watch the below video from beginning to end. If you are not familiar with Open-Air or if you are concerned about its effectiveness, this video will surely touch you. Please watch and feel free to let me know what you think.


For The People said...

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pastorbrianculver said...

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