Friday, July 04, 2008

Show Your Independence

Thousands of towns and cities are scheduled to have firework events which makes it a great opportunity to present the Gospel. I had the honor of doing that very thing in my hometown.

Jason and Jeremy joined me as we passed out hundreds of tracts before the event. We had a great conversation with two guys, one that admitted he was going to hell and that he was concerned about it (see above photo).

We also saw a pretty cool hat at the event (see above). The next stop was my home church as they were having a "non-sanctioned" event which consisted of about 50 church members and friends gathering to watch the fireworks.

We passed out tracts in the crowd and had the opportunity to witness to a 14 year old whose mother had told me about concerns with his salvation decision a few weeks earlier. We stopped to watch the fireworks. During the fireworks, Jason, Jeremy and I felt and agreed the crowd needed to hear the Gospel. Knowing it was my home church, Jeremy graciously told me he would do it but I would have none of it. We agreed to team preach and Jeremy went to the outskirts of the crowd to catch anyone that may be leaving.

I started in the natural by discussing what Independence Day meant and quickly moved to God's Judgement (Hebrews 9:27-28) and how we have failed by the standard of the Ten Commandments. Jason then stepped in and transitioned to the Gospel and gave an incredible sermon (see above picture). It was a great a great night where the Gospel was presented to hundreds and preached to around 50.

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