Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What Do You Care About?

It probably doesn't take you long to look on this site to notice that a major theme is witnessing. While the goal of Ten-Four Ministries is to bring the Gospel to the first responder community, our primary goal is to reach the lost. This is regardless of one's occupation. This week alone I had the honor to hit the streets and witness to several folks and only one of them was in law enforcement. I had an incredible e-mail conversation with someone about their salvation and they were a school teacher. While it is exciting to develop new resources to help reach the first responder community, ultimately we have to reach everyone that is lost.

I hope that is your goal as well. While I am often broke hearted at my fellow Christians that seem to ignore the Great Commission, it certainly should not surprise me considering that Jesus himself told us this was the case(Matthew 9:37).

What is the excuse? Why do we not see more of an effort to reach the lost? After all, with the tools available today it is as easy as it has ever been. The internet, post office, bumper stickers, radio, tracts and I could go on and on.

Before I was a Christian I cared about what people thought. I cared about what the world thought about me. As a Christian, I could care less what others think. I care about one thing and this is what Jesus Christ thinks of me. I've had professing Christians look at me funny, question my zeal for the lost and generally disagree with what I do. I could care less what they think.

I've heard church leaders say that I only think about the lost. What? They are wrong. I think about two things. How I can glorify God in everything I do and how I can get the Gospel to as many people as possible.

Let me pose a question to professing Christians and leaders of churches. What else is there? What else should we be doing? Church carnivals, musicals, retreats, sports or a myriad of other "activities" we keep ourselves busy doing that has nothing to do with the Gospel? While those activities certainly makes a comfortable environment for the lost, what good is it if we don't tell them the Gospel?

So why don't we actively present the Gospel to those that are dying in their sins? I've heard all the excuses but the answer is simple.

We care more what others think of us than what Jesus thinks of us.
What do you care about?

Let's Go Serve Our King!

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