Monday, July 07, 2008

Repent & Believe

"It doesn’t say in the book of Mark that the time was fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand now who would like to pray and ask me to come into their heart.

But rather he said “Repent and Believe the Gospel

And never forget throughout all the teaching of the New Testament and the Old Testament repentance is evidenced by fruits, by the way someone lives. Most people today believe their saved because they are trusting in the sincerity of their decision and not the Work of Christ nor the Power of God in Salvation.

Are you saved? Yes. How do you know? Well three years ago I prayed a prayer and asked Jesus to come into my heart. Really, and how many others have done that?

The evidence of salvation, the evidence of repentance, the evidence of faith, is a changed and a changing life. How do you know that you repented unto salvation years ago? Because you continue to repent today. How do you know that you believed unto salvation years ago? Because you continue to believe today. How do you know that God had an encounter with you years ago? Because he continues to have an encounter with you. Through the work of sanctification he has not only changed your life he continues to change your life.”

Paul Washer
Director - Heart Cry Missionary Society
Itenerant Preacher
First Baptist Church of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

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