Saturday, July 05, 2008

You're Doing This All Wrong!

"You're doing this all wrong!" That was the exclamation of a professing Christian Lifeguard as she approached us in the middle of a one-to-one conversation (see above photo).

I had approached a city security guard and two citizens in front of a public pool. The security guard seemed to be enjoying the conversation until I told her that her belief that simply believing in God was not enough to get her to Heaven. As I discussed repentance and trust In Jesus Christ alone for her salvation, she walked away. This can happen and fortunately two others were excited to hear it. Why did she walk away? I really don't know but the false God she had made up did not match up with what I and the Bible was telling her. She unfortunately made the decision to leave but she would be back....

Immedidately following a great conversation with the two remaining people, a life guard approached myself and Jeremy. She was very upset and close to tears. She said that we were doing this wrong and that we should make friends with people first. I asked her if she had friends that would go to hell tonight if they died and she acknowledged that she did. We spoke with her for a few minutes but she left abruptly.

The conversation with the young girl bothered all of us and we spent some time afterwards reflecting what we could have said or done to express our concern that her friends needed to hear the Gospel. The entire ordeal left me heartbroken.

The Gospel cannot be compromised but this is exactly what is happening today. Not only can it not be compromised but the greatest story ever told does not need an introduction and certainly doesn't need to be kept for just friends. I will write later about why the Gospel is offensive to so many but for now what about that security guard?

Well, she came back and first told us we couldn't take pictures. I questioned why we couldn't take photographs in a public place but that I would gladly stop. Since I am keenly aware of the laws in the city, I asked her what ordinance she was talking about. She couldn't cite one but then said we weren't allowed to take photos of any city property. Once again she couldn't produce the ordinance or law but I agreed to stop taking pictures. I told her that it would be a good idea to keep a copy of the ordinance with her because it would help others to understand her demands. Since there is no ordinance or law. that would be difficult to do but we complied and were privileged to share the Gospel with her and others.

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pastorbrianculver said...

kind of like, "It would be good to keep a copy of God's Law with her." Of course it is with her, it is written in her heart! The people who give me the hardest time are professing Christians. They say we are in a period of grace and that the law is no longer valid. Of course, they cannot explain why Paul, Timothy, and of course, Jesus, used the law! My prayers are with that lifeguard.