Monday, September 29, 2008

FIREPROOF: Opening Weekend

We've been keeping you updated on the movie FIREPROOF and the opening weekend was amazing. Playing in just one-third of the theaters than many of the other movies, it made 6.8 Million Dollars and came in 4th place. Ten-Four Ministries had the honor to participate in a viewing and I was given the opportunity to present the Gospel to the crowd afterwards. I can't wait to tell you about the night. Today, I have printed a review from one of our viewers and supporters of Ten-Four Ministries. Thanks Joy for your review:

"I L-O-V-E-D this movie. I know it's cliche but it made me laugh and cry. Honestly, I figured the quality of the production would not be that great but I was pleasantly surprised. Beautiful imagery and shooting. The shots of the woods with the cross were georgeous. This is the only movie that I know of that talks about the true meaning of love--not the romantic type of love--but agape love. I am so glad one of the major themes was about love being an action and not a feeling and how we can't trust our feelings at all times. This is a desperately needed movie concerning fighting for your marriage when we live in a culture where divorce is so rampant.

The most moving scene for me was when Kirk Cameron's character and his dad were in the woods by the cross and he kept saying, "How can I continue to love her (his wife) when she rejects me again and again?" and he looks at his dad and his dad is standing by the cross and it hits him like a freight train that God has been
loving him all these years despite his rejection and apathy. I felt the Holy Spirit moving in the theatre during the whole movie, but during that scene it was so quiet in that movie theater...and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so was amazing.

The acting was is hard to believe that these were not professional actors and that they were all volunteers. I have to admit that a few of the characters did sound a little stiff and like they were reading their lines but overall I thought the acting was good.

Another thing that surprised me was how funny the movie was. I really thought that the jokes would be very "corny" for lack of a better word and not very funny but I thought the movie was hilarious and well-written.

Our church had rented out the Malco in Fort Smith, AR. tonight and I can tell you that people were rolling with laughter throughout most of the movie. Funny stuff.

Another thing I appreciated was how they presented the gospel. It was in a kind and gentle way--not pushy or demanding which is great for when non-believers watch it.

I really feel that many people will be saved as a result of this movie."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hard To Believe

Below is a wonderful interview of Pastor John MacArthur. I have learned so much from this man and I consider him one of the greatest preachers/teachers of our day. I was able to meet him a couple of weeks ago and he was as kind and generous as you would expect. In this interview, he discusses one of my favorite books: Hard To Believe. This is simply a must read book. Next to the Bible, it is one of the most important books in my library.

Kirk Cameron Interviews John MacArthur

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FIREPROOF "Hottest Ticket"

FIREPROOF starts this Friday and we are excited about the opportunities this movie provides to believers and non-believers. We have been hopeful that thousands would see this movie and it would be recognized by a large viewing on opening weekend, which generaly causes many more to see the movie. It appears that FIREPROOF is well on it's way to a great opening weekend. It is currently rated as the hottest pre-sale on Fandango.

Ten-Four Minsitries has spoken about this movie often and it has not been without some criticism. A recent e-mail stated that "Christians need to realize that supporting a movie just because other Christians made it is really lame." It was one of the few things I agreed with in the e-mail. I do not condone supporting anything just because Christians are involved but there is one reason and one reason alone to support FIREPROOF. Because the Gospel is in the movie. There have been other movies that have claimed to be Christian and some that even throw in small elements of a partial Gospel but FIREPROOF is different. Once someone has watched this movie, there will be no doubt as to what God demands of us and what it takes to become a born again believer of Jesus Christ. That alone is why Christians should support this movie.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sheep or Goat?

A good friend of mine runs Evangelism Team and he recently attended one of the largest Christian Festivals in the country, held in South Dakota. With permission from the organizers, he interviewed 200 kids who proclaimed to be Christians. He asked them 4 questions:

1. Are you a Christian?
2. What does it mean to be a Christian?
3. What does it mean to be born again?
4. What happens to people when they die if they are not a Christian?

The answers were all over the charts, including reincarnation, etc. With the state of the current American Church, the answers were unfortunately expected. The project was not done to embarrass but to reveal a very real issue in today's church's.

The visible church is in a horrible state; we need to return to our roots (the authoritative words of Scripture). I believe the decline in the visible church is a direct result of what's being preached in the pulpits and professing Christian's personal time reading, understanding, and applying the words of Scripture.

This site hits very close to home for me. I routinely speak to kids that claim to be Christians and cannot even tell me how to become one or why they are one. Recently, a kid told me he became a Christian "because it was the thing to do." I am routinely told that all you have to do to become a Christian is "to pray." These are kids that have grown up in youth groups, that claim to be a Christian.

Let me encourage you to send this site to your church leaders, to parents, to believers, etc. We cannot assume because someone "claims" Christianity that they are indeed born again believers of Jesus Christ. We must examine these claims within the scriptures.

To the church leaders and to parents: We should ask our youth and our kids these questions. We should help them examine their faith. I hope this site will be a blessing.

Here's the site:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FLYWHEEL - Giveaway

I watched a movie last night called FLYWHEEL. It was made in 2002 on a $20,000 budget by Sherwood Baptist Church. The church has now made three films. After FLYWHEEL, they made Facing The Giants and the upcoming film FIREPROOF.

I watched FLYWHEEL not knowing what to expect but I was curious based on the recent movies the Church has made. To say I was inspired by the movie is an understatement. We would like to bless someone with a copy of this movie. Comment on this Blog and we will choose a random reader in a couple of weeks and send you this movie for free.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Featured Sermon

If you haven't found it yet, we are now hosting sermons on our main site, While the most current sermons will be on the front page, we will archive all sermons here.

Our featured sermon this week is from our good friend Leon Brown. You can listen to his sermon on the Apostle Peter and Obedience here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years Later

Seven years ago today, our Country became close and personal to evil. On September 11, 2001, Americans saw evil in a way we had never experienced before. We witnessed with our own eyes as 2,996 people were murdered by Terrorists.

72 of those victims were peace officers, 331 were firefighters and 44 were paramedics. The loss to our first responder community was devastating and the work done that day was nothing short of heroic. It is estimated that over 25,000 lives were saved by the first responders who helped evacuate civilians.

Those that responded on September 11, 2001 and continue to respond today are as true as a Hero as we will ever see. We should take the time today and every day to pray for all of our first responders. They are facing challenging times and the event of 9-11 should be a reminder to all of us that tommorrow is not guaranteed. Eternity is waiting all of us and the largest Hero of our time, Jesus Christ, is waiting to accept us into His Kingdom. Are you prepared? Click Here to find out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Christless Christianity

A new book by Dr. Michael Horton called "Christless Christianity" will be coming out soon. Here is a video by Dr. Horton on the new book.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Last Words Radio

I had the honor of being a guest on Last Words Radio last night. My wife and I joined Tony, Greg and Kelly on the one hour radio show based in Los Angeles that encourages others to share their faith in Jesus Christ.

Greg (above) the co-founder of Last Words Ministry is coordinating the show.

I also met Chris out on Brand Blv. in Glendale who helps find folks to witness to live on the show. Chris is a great supporter of Ten-Four Ministries and law enforcement in general. I had a great time of fellowship with him and his wife. Everyone involved in this ministry has a heart for the lost and is so sincere in what they are doing for the Lord. I was so privileged to get to be with them for a few hours last night and I encourage each of you to listen to their show each Saturday night.

Here is the link to last night's show featuring Ten-Four Ministries: Click Here

You can listen to all of their shows here.

You can also subscribe to their show in I-Tunes.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Greater love has no one than this....

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13.

I took off work today and it was not an ordinary day off. My wife's father, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Pat Grimes was killed in the line of duty on May 26, 1978. My wife was 4 years old at the time. In the 30 years since there have many tears shed and many holidays and special events that Lt. Grimes has been sorely missed at.

I didn't know Lt. Grimes but from everything I have read, researched and been told tells me he was a great guy. He was loved by many and well on his way to even greater achievements with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. With just 12 years of service, he had already entered middle management and until that fateful day over 30 years ago he seemed to be destined to accomplish great things.

Today, a bridge in my wife's hometown was named after her father. It was a proud day for so many in Pat's family that have missed him so much through the years.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Commissioner Kevin Ward (above) speaks at the service dedicating the "OHP Lt. Pat Grimes Memorial Bridge."

It is unbelievable to think that long after the Lord calls me and my family home, this bridge will always be here as a reminder to the sacrifice and dedication that Lt. Grimes and his family have made for their community.

My son (above) with Oklahoma Lt. Governor Jari Askins.

While Pat left an incredible legacy of service behind and his death at the age of 36 left a wife and daughter heartbroken, he did something much more important before his death. It was more important than being a Trooper, Father or Husband. He gave his life to Jesus Christ by repenting and trusting in Jesus Christ alone as his Savior. Lt. Grimes did not lose his life in a shootout in 1978, he gained his life in eternity. My wife and my mother-in-law will one day see Pat again and I will one day meet him for the first time. His death was a tragedy for those left behind but at the same time there is a peace in knowing that Lt. Grimes is in Heaven and awaits our arrival.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Challenge Coin

We have received the first image of our new Challenge Coin. We are currently working on a Gospel Tract to go along with the coin and we are excited about the opportunity the coin will give you to share the Gospel with fellow officers and others.

There is still time to get the coin and Take Up The Shield for free for a $50 donation to Pennsylvania Sergeant Tom O'Connor. You can get details here.

FIREPROOF - Free Tickets

I recently reviewed the upcoming movie FIREPROOF. You can read that review here. Ten-Four Ministries has partnered with two churches and will be providing free tickets to first responders.

If you are in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area on Saturday, September 27th, we would like to invite you to a free showing of FIREPROOF. If you are a Christian we ask that you bring an unbeliever with you. We have purchased 199 tickets to the 7:45 showing at the Cinemark (71st/Hwy 169).

If you would like to attend, please contact us prior to September 21st. We have obtained permission from the movie theater to present a Gospel message after the movie is over.

We welcome you to this exciting event.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bulletproof Vests Tie Shoals to Philippines

Muscle Shoals Police Lt. Clint Reck is a close friend and supporter of Ten-Four Ministries. Clint coordinated an effort to give every officer in Muscle Shoals the book, Take Up The Shield, in 2007 and he never misses a chance to Glorify our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Bulletproof Vests Tie Shoals to Philippines

Wednesday, Aug. 20, was pretty much a typical day for Muscle Shoals police Lt. Clint Reck.

He handled his usual responsibilities at work and went home to spend time with his family.

Without his knowledge, an event took place in the Philippines on the same day involving another member of the law enforcement community. The officer had his life spared that day, largely the result of action taken by Reck, Muscle Shoals officials and members of a Tuscumbia church.

Reck, who attends Parkview Baptist Church in Tuscumbia, worked out a deal that resulted in 24 outdated police vests from his department being sent to the Philippine National Police Department in Manila.

The day after being issued a bulletproof vest from Muscle Shoals, a ranking member of the national police found himself in a potentially fatal situation as he and a fellow officer approached three suspects from a carjacking and robbery case.

"They chased the stolen car to a dead-end road (in Cabuyao)," Reck said. "As the officer walked up to the car, a passenger shot him in the chest from point-blank range with a 9mm gun.

"Fortunately, he was wearing one of those body armor vests. Obviously, he would have been killed."

The other officer involved in the chase ended up killing the three suspects during the shootout, according to Primitivo Tabujara, superintendent and intelligence chief of the Philippine National Police.

The officer's name has not been released by the intelligence division of the national police. Without question, however, his fate would have turned out dramatically different had he not been wearing the vest.

"All you can say is God's hand was involved," said Muscle Shoals Police Chief Robert Evans. "What do you think the chances would be of someone sending vests from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, to the Philippines and the following day one of the vests saves someone's life? It's an amazing story."

Reck became aware of the national police department's need and recommended to Evans that the outdated vests be sent to the Philippines. Reck then talked to Mayor David Bradford and he presented the issue to the council, which gave unanimous approval.

Three members of Parkview Baptist Church visited the Philippines on a missionary trip in June and took a vest with them to show police there what they would be receiving. After Tabujara signed a waiver relieving the city of any potential liability, church members packaged the 24 vests and shipped them to the Philippines - just in time for the officer.

"The warranty on the vests runs out after five years, and they have to be replaced," Reck said. "We cannot use them after the expiration date, and we had several stored. We weren't using them and had no plans to use them, so I figured it was worth a chance to see if we could work out things."

Reck said he and other Muscle Shoals officers have tested the outdated vests on the city's firing range and they held up without any problems, so he was confident the vests would stop a bullet.

"The superintendent was very thankful and appreciative that we worked with them," Reck said. "I'm thankful to the church for their help in this, too. This shows how God is in control, even on the other side of the world."

Bradford said there was no hesitation on the council's part to allow the vests to be sent. He added that the city would likely consider doing it again should the need arise, "especially now that it has turned out saving someone's life."

"It makes you feel good to a play a part, even a small role, in something like that," Bradford said.

Bernie Delinski can be reached at 740-5739 or


Original Article: Click here

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Last Words Radio

I will be in Southern California next weekend and plan to attend and participate in an evangelism outreach in Glendale and I will appear on Last Words Radio, 99.5 FM - KKLA, at 9 pm on Saturday, September 6th. If anyone is around Glendale, please let me know. I would love to meet you.

In addition, we have received word that Community Spirit Magazine will be doing a featured article that will discuss Ten-Four Ministries. It is expected out any day and we will keep you posted.

We welcome your prayers for the ministry. We are in discussions on several different projects that will expand the ministry tremendously. I will pass along details as I am able. For now, please pray that our meetings scheduled this week will produce fruit and doors will be opened to help us reach more first responders.