Friday, May 02, 2008

Amanda "Thinks" She Is Saved

It is week 7 in the Way of the Master Basic Training Course and that meant a class trip. It was time to put into practice what the class has been learning and watching on video for almost two months. I called on a wonderful street evangelist to help.

The plan was to split the class up and go to the park. I would take half the class and Jason the other. Jason showed up and reported that the park was "full". I was hoping the class would get plenty of opportunities and it looked like the park would provide it.

We arrived at the park to only see two families. I approached one family and gave them a Million Dollar bill and then asked if they were to die today where did they think they would go. They happily proclaimed Heaven and we had a wonderful converstaion about the Law & Gospel. While it is not my place to determine someone's salvation it was evident that this family was bearing fruit. Another key is that they enjoyed speaking to us about God. If someone proclaims to be saved and then acts annoyed to speak about Jesus with you, that is something to be concerned about. Why would a true Christian not want to speak about their Savior?

It is different at best to witness here in the Bible Belt. Almost everyone you encounter claims to be a Christian and many have a very good head knowledge of Jesus and even go to church each week but it is clear that many times things are not what they seem.

Since the park had cleared out we moved to Wal-Mart and I quickly saw Amanda. She was with four others and when I raised a $20 bill in the air and told her it was hers if she could pass a test, she stopped and let her friends keep walking. It was meant for us to speak to Amanda and she was brought to tears telling us about her pending divorce. Amanda admitted she was not a good person but said she would go to Heaven because she trusts in God.

What concerned me about Amanda was her words. It was subtle in her conversation. She said "I think I am going to Heaven." & "I hope I am going to Heaven."

"Amanda, if you are telling me that you only hope to go to Heaven then you are telling me that the Blood of Jesus is not good enough. Amanda, you must be born again and you must not only trust in Jesus but you must repent of your sins. Amanda if you are not sure of your salvation then one of these may be missing."

Amanda was humbled by our conversation and the class saw how gracious and good God can be when you carry out his commission.

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