Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sergeant's Last Words

Philadelphia Police Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski was shot and killed while responding to a bank robbery call at approximately 11:30 am this past Saturday.

Three men dressed in female Muslim garb had robbed a Bank of America on Aramingo Avenue. Sergeant Liczbinski encountered the suspects on East Schiller Street and stopped their car. As he exited his patrol car, a suspect opened fire with an AK-47, striking Sergeant Liczbinski several times. Several citizens who witnessed the incident rushed to assist Sergeant Liczbinski, wrapping his wounds in an effort to stop the bleeding. Sergeant Liczbinski told them "Tell my wife I love her", before he fell into unconsciousness and died.

This is an unbelievable tragedy and in the midst of it Sergeant Liczbinski was able to articulate his last words here on Earth: "Tell my wife I love her." I can't imagine the grief that his family is enduring yet they were given this gift. Sergeant Liczbinski loved his wife so much, his final thougths were nothing but her. I wonder what else he was thinking about? He was about to enter eternity and he knew it. Did he know he was about to see his savior, Jesus Christ, or did he not know?

We will all die...guaranteed. We can't overcome that. Sergeant Liczbinski didn't know that morning that would be his last. This morning could be yours. When that day comes we will likely not have the privilege Sergeant Liczbinski had. He was able to speak his last words and I can only imagine that those last words mean more than anything to his family. Sergeant Liczbinski was thinking of his wife and that is beautiful. Did you know that Jesus Christ is thinking about you? He wants everyone to come to him in true repentance and trust. He does not want to see anyone perish.

Please don't wait to speak your last words. Please don't wait to put your trust in Jesus Christ and Repent of your sins. We will all enter eternity one day. Today is the day to prepare for that.


For The People said...

Powerful! Inspirational, motivating.

TheBronze said...

Captain, that was a very moving post. I'm cross-posting it at mine. Thank you.

BTW, I got here from the fellow above.