Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ambassadors' Academy - Day 0

I travelled to Southern California today to participate in the second Ambassadors' Academy sponsored by Living Waters Ministry. Even though the training has not yet started, I am very impressed. From the moment you apply to the Academy, Tony Miano and the Living Waters Team is supporting you. I received phone calls and e-mails for approximately one month prior to the academy. My wife is also with me and she has been supported by not only our team leader, Leon Brown, but a lady mentor, Trish Ramos.

Our first stop was at Living Waters and then over to In-N-Out Burger just down the street from the ministry. I'm not used to employees standing in the drive through lane so I took the opportunity to give her a million dollar bill tract. She acted surprised by the tract but somehow I believe that most of the employees have been exposed to Living Waters tracts.

Upon arriving at the hotel we were greeted by Tony "The Lawman" Miano and Leon "Downtown" Brown. My wife is in the picture as well.

Tommorrow is the first day and we will have class with some of the finest evangelists of our time, including Ray Comfort. If this experience is anything like the experience thus far, we are all in for an incredible blessing.

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The Pari Family said...

Hi Travis,

So happy to know you are getting to experience the Ambassadors Academy. We will be praying for you, your wife and the rest of the participants.

Cheri, the Lawman's little sis.