Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Is It Really Courage?


I met you on Wednesday April 30th at the ESLETS Conference in Lake George, NY. I was at your table in the morning. I asked where you were from, and when I realized who you were, that I read your articles. Anyway, I enjoyed your presentation, as did the other two officers from my PD. The thing I was most impressed with, however, was your last statement about Jesus. I am a Christian also and I know how hard it is to make a statement for Him in our profession. I admire your courage and dedication. Keep up the good work."

Is It Really Courage & Dedication?.......................

While the e-mail is an incredible encouragement and I do appreciate it, I am ashamed. I am ashamed that I can speak for hours in front of strangers about a myriad of topics and enjoy it. Then, in the final slide of my presentation I tell everyone who my Savior is and that if they don't know Jesus Christ that I encourage them to come speak with or or visit the Ten-Four Ministries Website. It sometimes feels awkward; I sometimes stumble over my words and I sometimes wonder if I will offend anyone. This is why I am ashamed. I am in tears as I type this and I refuse to give my Savior nothing less than the highlight of any presentation.

How about you? Are you boldly standing up for Jesus? If what Jesus did for us is true, should we not be screaming from the roof to everyone below of what an awesome gift he has for all of us? It's time to get screaming........me included!

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