Friday, May 09, 2008

Christianity & Schools

The stories below are disturbing to say the least. While I fully understand the separation of Church & State in public schools, I'm not sure the below examples should apply to that:

A Ohio Science Teacher who had kept a Bible on his desk for 18 years but did not use it in school has been ordered to hide it.

A Wisconsin School has banned Christian artwork but allows Hindu, Buddhist and satanic representations. A lawsuit has been filed against the school after a teacher refused to grade a student's art that had "John 3:16" written on it.


JesusRulzMe said...

Hi Tony,

My name is Sunny and you left a message on our S.W.A.T. Bible Club blog last October. I'm sorry I'm just now responding. I've been very ill since you left your comment.

Due to some serious health issues, we've had to close down the S.W.A.T. for the rest of this school year. What God will call us to do for the next school we don't know, but we're ready and willing.

You noted on the S.W.A.T. Bible Club site that you would be bookmarking it as well as visiting it. Since we won't have anything new on there I thought it would be best if I refer you to my current blog site that I just started and keep updated:

For The People said...

Sad state of affairs.