Monday, May 12, 2008

National Police Week

On October 1, 1962, President Kennedy signed Public Law 87-726 which designated May 15th each year as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, and the week containing May 15th as National Police Week. It was not until May 15,1982, that the first National Peace Officers' Memorial Day Service was held in Washington D.C,

Each year, thousands of peace officers converge on our Nation's Capital to honor the officers that have died in the previous year and years past. Currently there are 18,274 officers listed on the National Police Memorial.

I have attended these events in Washington D.C. two times and I can sincerely say that my career was changed. Throughout this week, I will be writing about my previous experiences and thoughts during these events. Today, I would like to share an e-mail I received from Tulsa Police Sergeant Stephanie Jackson just a few minutes ago. She is attending the events this year as the December 2007 National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund Officer Of the Month. Here are her thoughts from Day 1:

"I was truly moved to tears when I got off the plane there were over 15 honor guard members from different agencies forming a "U" around the exit ramp from the plane waiting for family members of fallen officers. They pinned the moms with the blue cop ribbons and then retrieved their luggage, loaded them in police cars and gave them a motorcycle escort to their next destination.

My husband made friends with a man behind us on the plane and when we arrived at baggage claim his wife was wearing a blue ribbon. They explained they lost their son in the line of duty. All I could do was cry and embrace them both and say thank you. No words can describe the emotional high from watching the honor guard officers serve those families and light up the cold rainy day with a sea of motorcycle and patrol unit lights. Everyone was just captivated and amazed. It was so many motorcycle units just coming and going from the airport.

This is an amazing experience and I haven't even really started the trip!"

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